Life Goals

My Goal Is To Create A Life I Don’t Need A Vacation From. This hangs in my bathroom, right next to the shower, a sure place to see it every day. I bought it when I was in the middle of trying to make my million. Money was going to be the answer to this... Continue Reading →

I am a TERRIBLE Adult

A huge thank you to Erica Miller for allowing us to share the following post. Thanks for keeping it real! I have a confession. I am a TERRIBLE adult. Seriously, I am the worst. My house? Dirty dishes and laundry everywhere. Legos litter every conceivable surface and corner of my house along with a hearty... Continue Reading →


A quick note to baby #3.   You never get a quiet bedtime. Your food is store bought. You rarely get undivided attention. Your clothes are hand-me-downs. Your crib is lined with teeth marks. Your toys are not your own. Your bedtime changes nightly with screaming outside your door. Your naps are in the car... Continue Reading →

You did it!

Because it is time you heard it...thank you. Thank you for the hours you spent decorating your house to make it look just so. Thank you for the hours of shopping during lunch breaks, weekends, and on your phone during practices. Thank you for thinking of everyone from your neighbor to the school bus driver... Continue Reading →

Game ON!

Snow days, holiday breaks, and hours of togetherness are upon us. So the question is... What are you doing to pass the time? Sure, it’s easier to put your kid in front of a screen or to shoo them off to play with their toys. Instead, how about a board game? I’m talking Candy Land,... Continue Reading →

5 Steps to Reducing Holiday Stress

Do you feel it?  No it’s not Christmas cheer I’m talking's the feeling of stress and anxiety.  Gifts, social events, creating an unforgettable family holiday, that doggone elf. The stress of the holidays and all they bring can be overwhelming!  Here are some tips to make it out alive...and who knows, you might actually... Continue Reading →

Give Not Want

  This year I am determined for my kids to fall in love with the act of giving, and to be grateful during the Christmas chaos. Year after year I become so frustrated that my kids aren't being grateful with every present they rip open. I don’t blame them, after attending four Christmases opening presents... Continue Reading →

How I See It

My son cries at the drop of a pin. I adore his emotion.   My daughter is bossy. I adore that she knows exactly what she wants, and how to get it.   My son takes a long time to learn new material. I adore that he tries so hard even when it doesn’t come... Continue Reading →

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